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PTZ Cameras

Pan, Tilt, Zoom. These advanced features in surveillance equipment allow control of the camera for direct focus on points of interest.

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IP Cameras

Surveillance camera catches up with the internet. Stay connected by surveying the scene through multiple platforms.

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Analog Cameras

Close-circuit cameras using BNC cables. Standard resolutions go up to 700 TVL; HD-SDI version has resolution up to 1080p.

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See in more detail with advanced HD surveillance that function as an upgraded version of traditional analog cameras.

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Video Recorder

Never miss a thing! With 24/7 recording attached to a network you can view live feeds remotely on your mobile devices.

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avk10s22w front 12801024


High performance, LCD LED monitors designed with BNC inputs for surveillance 19", 22", and 24" versions available.

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Converters and Extenders

Extend the reach of your surveillance with various extenders, or convert videos to different monitor inputs.

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kb3s 12801024


Need to mount your camera where you want them? No problem. Wall, corner, ceiling, and pole mounts are available.

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