HDMI-EC300 – HDMI Extender over Cat5e/6

The HDMI-EC300 HDMI Extender transmits your video/audio a distance up to 400 feet for 1080p over a single CAT5e/6 cable. It supports resolution up to 1080P Full HD. With Cat5e/6 cable, users can readily extend HDTV sources from DVD players, Blu-ray Disc player, PC, and any other kinds of sources compliant with TMDS to remote display monitors or LCD PC monitors. The HDMI-EC300 comes with two units: a HDMI sender unit and an HDMI receiver unit. The sender unit is used to capture the input HDMI signals and it carries the signals through one RJ45 connector into Cat5e/6 cable. The receiver unit is responsible for equalizing the transmitted HDMI signal.

  • Extends HDMI up to 400 feet for 1080P over one CAT6
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080P Full HD
  • HDCP compliant
  • Follow the standard of IEEE-568B

DC 12V Power Supply - S10W1A