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AVUE's SDE-12RN is a reliable video distribution device splitting a single 3G-SDI or HD-SDI video source to two HD-SDI or SD-SDI display devices at the same time. So one SDI input is perfectly duplicated, distributed, amplified and extended to re-transmit two SDI outputs for real time multi-viewing. In addition, the Re-clocking function has been added to equalize the signal and distribute it to the two identical outputs.

  • SDI Standard: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI
  • Re-clocking function capability – unlimited repeater connection
  • Dual color LED indication of input lock and rate
  • Cable equalization (Beldon 1694A) and signal retiming
  • Data Rates: 270/1483/1485 Mbps
  • Two separately buffered outputs
  • Full Specifications