TVH-L11 – TVI/CVI/AHD to HDMI Converter

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AVUE's TVH-L11 – TVI/CVI/AHD to HDMI Converter, utilizes the latest chipset conversion technology to seamlessly convert broadcast-quality TVI / CVI/ AHD signals to HDMI. Not only does it convert and scale video signals in real time, it also provides the highest quality images for professional audio-visual end users. This converter is HDMI licensed as well as HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) compliant. Additionally, this converter has a looping TVI / CVI/ AHD output for extending or repeating the signal. All these features make TVH-L11 converter a reliable and efficient product for customers in all their professional requirements.

  • Convert TVI/CVI/AHD to HDMI, with 1 x looping TVI/CVI/AHD
  • Support TVI/AHD at 720p, 1080p, 3MP,4MP,5MP Input
  • Support up to 5 megapixel input
  • Max output support HDMI 1080p@60Hz
  • Support transmission distance up to 300m over coaxial cable
  • With mounting ears

DC 5V/1A Power Supply

  • Full Specifications
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