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AIR90/150/250 – Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Illuminators

AVUE AIR series of Infrared Illuminators allows for night vision to cameras that do not have built-in IR LEDs; and enhances or extends night vision to cameras that already have IR. Night vision range from 90, 150, or 250 feet depending on the model. Each model has light sensor to turn off IR LEDs during…
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PAx5AxxA – 9/18-CH Power Distribution Box

PAx5AxxA power distribution series has two models: PA05A09A and PA15A18A. PA05A09A provides 9 AC 24V (5 Amp) channel outputs, whereas PA15A18A provides 18 AC 24V (15 Amp) channel outputs. Each channel output has LED indicator and fuse. [accordions] [accordion title="FEATURES" visible="yes"] [row_fluid] [one_half] [custom_list] 9 Channel AC 24V output [/custom_list] [/one_half] [one_half] [custom_list] 18 Channel…
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PD10AxxD – 9/18-CH DC Power Distribution Box

PD10AxxD come in two models: PD10A09D and PD10A18D. PD10A09D Power Box provides 9 output channels DC 12V from AC110-230V input, whereas PD10A18D provides 18 output channels DC 12V. [accordions] [accordion title="FEATURES" visible="yes"] [row_fluid] [one_half] [custom_list] 9 DC 12V Outputs AC 110-230V Input [/custom_list] [/one_half] [one_half] [custom_list] 18 DC 12V Outputs [/custom_list] [/one_half] [/row_fluid] [/accordion] [accordion…
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