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ADR8604UHD – 3MP Quadbrid H.264+ 4K 4-Channel DVR

ADR8604UHD Series of Video Records is our next generation of DVR that can support HD-TVI, AHD, and 960H analog signals; additionally, it can support two IP Cameras at up to 4 megapixels on each channel. HDMI Live View is even more capable with Ultra HD 4K. Spot monitor is remains supported. [accordions] [accordion title="FEATURES" visible="yes"] [row_fluid]…
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ADR8508QHD – 8 CH Quadbrid DVR

AVUE's ADR8508QHD 8 Channel DVR is a new generation recorder which can connect up to 1080p HD-TVI, AHD, analog, and IP network cameras. Combined with multiple advanced technologies, such as audio and video encoding & decoding technology, embedded system technology, storage technology, network technology and intelligent technology. It can both work alone as a recorder…
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